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  1. JC Says:


    What makes you think I have the slightest interest in discussing photons, you fat, bald ugly sheep lover?

    Keep stacking those shelves and leave the science to the scientists.

  2. BirdLab Says:

    Continued from previous thread.

    So Graeme says there’s no such thing as photons, but links approvingly to this story:

    “Researchers at the Joint Quantum Institute (JQI), a collaboration of the National Institute of Standards and Technology and the University of Maryland at College Park, can speed up photons (particles of light) to seemingly faster-than-light speeds through a stack of materials by adding a single, strategically placed layer.”

    Honestly, this bloke has the mental agility of a brick.

  3. BirdLab Says:

    “Keep stacking those shelves and leave the science to the scientists.”

    Or perhaps he should busy himself doing fieldwork to prove his contention that aliens experimented with the human gene pool.

  4. John H. Says:

    If people bothered to read that paper closely they might realise that the authors are not asserting faster than light travel; the experimental design does not quite permit such a conclusion. It may even be a case of “advance waves”. Nonetheless I am one of those who believes that c has been exceeded in a sufficient number of experimental designs to make the absolute claim of c obsolete.

    I have just finished reading a book by a Prof of Physics and he makes the following claims:

    Research physicists are increasingly abandoning the Copenhagen interpretation.

    There is sufficient evidence for c being exceeded.

    Many physicists still find renormalisation to be an ad hoc procedure.

    QM is messy and lacks elegance. In fact he says of the Standard Model: Here was a theory that only a mother could love.

    There is a minority group of physicists who assert pantheism and this is because of the “observation problem”.


    I have read many physicists asserting similiar sentiments yet when, long ago, I tried to put these views forward on Catallaxy I was treated like a crank. That is one reason why I hold so many libertarians in contempt. Self proclaimed experts in everything from QM to the neural code.

  5. BirdLab Says:

    Interesting observations John. I’m quite happy to consider alternatives based on solid science, but not however on alternatives based on the bullshit Bird bases his opinions on:

  6. Sinclair Davidson Says:

    Jason if you’re going to blog on like this you may as well do it at catallaxy. Just saying.

  7. graemebird Says:

    Don’t talk shit Hackensam. Faster than light speed experiments are utterly prosaic and are going on all the time. What stupid religious belief are you invoking now dummy?

  8. graemebird Says:

    Its pretty fucking simple Hackensam. Either light speed is broken or it isn’t. And it is. All the time. All over the world. These days they just have to gloss it over with some sort of quantum chit-chattery.

  9. graemebird Says:

    “If people bothered to read that paper closely they might realise that the authors are not asserting faster than light travel; the experimental design does not quite permit such a conclusion. ”

    See you are softheaded John. Why go through this pantomime when you already know that lightspeed is broken constantly. You are trying to have a foot both ways. Attempting to put me down and then hedge.

    This is a moral failing.

  10. BirdLab Says:

    Birdie, the only one failing here is you. All the time.

    See a psychiatrist.

  11. JC Says:


    you fat, bald lardball. Stop talking about things you know nothing about and get back to stacking those shelves.

  12. Mark Says:

    Catallaxy would have to be the most tedious blog full of boring old pud-pulling farts who keep having the same arguments with each other over ‘n over again till kingdom come.

    Did I say YAWN?

  13. graemebird Says:

    Cambria-Birdlab you dum wop. Do not make the mistake of projecting your appalling ignorance onto me. Face it. You knew nothing about light-speed being beaten until I pointed it out at Catallaxy.

  14. graemebird Says:

    Lets go over this again, since Joseph Cambria has shown he’s too much of a blockhead to understand. Light-speed is routinely beaten. But this is a heresy. All sorts of excuses are made to pretend that this not happening. Such is the strength of this political correctness that Hackensam allowed himself to be pushed around by it. It happens to be the case now that people claim quantum effects to explain light-speed being bested. So that one mainstream dogma is reinforced, when what is really going on is a straightforward refutation of relativity.

  15. JC Says:

    What you are offering is an opinion. It is not a fact. It’s an unsupported opinion.
    All your points are unsupported opinions and then when people counter you with science based facts you go into abuse mode.

    Get back into your hole and go try and chat up lard arse… your room mate at the psyche ward.

  16. graemebird Says:

    No its a fact. Its not opinion. Light speed has been beaten many time. Is done so routinely. Mindless unscientific dogma cannot change that reality you stupid primitive wop.

    They are measuring light. They are not measuring individual photons. No-one has isolated an individual photon. So all that schtick earlier was just you being a dope.

  17. graemebird Says:

    What a fucking stupid primitive you are. What can you possibly mean by “unsupported” you mindless jerk. You cannot even get this word right. “unsupported” and the links are there. What a moron you Cambria.

    Unsupported. You are an idiot. These are routine experiments. They have been going on for a very long time.

  18. graemebird Says:

    Whats unsupported is Cambria’s lunatic approach to the bailout. Just steal resources off people and give cheap loans to the banks. Great call dopey. Thats an unsupported opinion. Beating light speed is supported by experiments too numerous to mention.

  19. graemebird Says:

    The Joseph Birlab moron act just never bottoms out. Having linked the the thread himself he then decides the matter is “unsupported.”

  20. graemebird Says:

    Sinclair has a point. If you are going to let Birdlab-Cambria on here with this low-IQ nastiness then you aren’t creating anything new.

  21. JC Says:


    The only person banned at Catallaxy is you. So as far as doing away with low IQ shelve stackers it’s you.

  22. graemebird Says:

    “The only person banned at Catallaxy is you….”

    Thats not right Cambria. Shit man you cannot lie straight in bed can you? Not only did I not make any claims otherwise, but still you are wrong.

    “The only person banned at Catallaxy is you……”

    Right from the getgo this dumb wop is being dishonest.

    “The only person banned at Catallaxy is you….”

    Stupid wop is basically lying and claiming that I said something else.

    “The only person banned at Catallaxy is you…..”

    Even though I never said anything else STILL the wop is wrong. Philomena is banned from Catallaxy. So is Greenfield. I like both these people. Matter of fact I’m reasonably fond of Sinclair as well though he’s aggravating some times. And as far as I can make out in all cases you are an aggravating factor. And have been so ever since you started your campaign of special pleading. I cannot abide how these economists defer to mindless bankers. The economics fraternity needs to make a conscious decision to liberate themselves from the bankers.

    Half the fucking problem I had at Catallaxy is where the economists were toadying to the bankers. Putting that aside thats probably half or more of any problem I had with the economists there.

  23. graemebird Says:

    Shelf-stacking is honest work. Its not counterfeiting. Its not special pleading to have first dibs at interest rates at subsidised prices. Its not demanding endless inflation to make the bankers, share investors job dead easy and non-wealth-creating. Its not asking some folks to steal off normal people and give resources to the banks, whom the market verdict had given the thumbs down.

    Shelf-stacking is honest work. Its not pyramiding up phony shares and underpricing small shares by way of jackal-pack raids. Its not you and Reynolds getting together and pretending that naked short selling doesn’t happen, cause its illegal, but bullshitting people that it ought to be legal anyway.

    Shelf-stacking is honest work and does not seem to make the shelf-stacker want to compare a Randian superhero like Steve Jobs with some fucking moronic non-entity like Hank Paulson, just on the basis that they have a similar sized wallet.

    Kiwi-Bird II had your number a long time before I did. You would defer to me all the time. But then I’d ask you to justify your attitude towards fractional reserve. I’d ask you to justify your position on the carbon tax. And all of a sudden you would refuse to do so. And this was a persistent thing. Like you are running the blogs as part of company policy or something.

    This was more than 2 years ago. Why not just tell the story straight with these two subjects. I don’t know where all your holdings are. For all I know you sharks are spending half your time on the net ingratiating yourself with expert headkickers just to get your strategic gear through. You tell me why you acted like such a fucking prick.

    Make an honest living you dumb wop, before you start looking down on honest work.

  24. Tinos Says:

    John: I’m struggling to understand that article. From what I read it’s not an illusion since only a few photons are needed to transfer info. They transmitted information over 2.6um in just 5.34fs. Maybe it’s just poorly written.

    As far as the 1st & 2nd year physics taught @ UQ goes, c has never been exceeded by information.

  25. Sinclair Davidson Says:

    JC – Graeme isn’t the only person banned at catallaxy. At present there are three people who are banned; Graeme for his nuisance value which I be happy to lift if he could credibly commit to good behaviour and two others for excessive offensive behaviour. Tillman is not banned – some of his posts trip our automatic moderation rules, but then he isn’t alone in that.

  26. Mark Says:


    Flagging Catalepsy wants Graeme Bird back to kick around for sadistic amusement of dumb old farts and to boost blog traffic.

    Tempting offer eh Graeme?

  27. BirdLab Says:

    No reason to lift the ban at Catallaxy when we can sadistically kick the feathered freak around on his own site of doom, eh Phil?

  28. Mark Says:

    You last about 5mins on Graeme’s blog Cambria/BirdLab you psycho obsessive. Here’s a thought get a life you embittered, talentless loser.

  29. JC1 Says:


    How’s that fat arse of your going? How many kilos have you shed?

  30. THR Says:

    Shelf-stacking is honest work and does not seem to make the shelf-stacker want to compare a Randian superhero like Steve Jobs

    No wonder Birdy has ‘issues’, when his heroes are ‘Randian’.

  31. Mark Says:

    JC sezs: You fat, bald, ugly, sheep lover.

    Yep. Sinclair Davidson to a T.

  32. Mark Says:

    LOL. Fat,bald, ugly AND a mental pygmy who hosts a racist blog populated by dreary, angry right-wing losers.

  33. JC1 Says:


    Sinc is a very handsome dude.

    Unlike you he doesn’t require lard arse suction to get rid of all the fat that’s accumulated on each cheek..

  34. JC Says:


    I’m sorry about focusing on bird here, however you seemed to have given us this open forum to vent a little and Bird has also moderated me at his site so I am unable to comment there. The old, fat lard arse commie is basically turning his site into commie vacuum of unreasoned filled with conspiracy theories.

  35. Sinclair Davidson Says:

    Mark you can do better. The standard set by ABC viewers is ‘evil, bald fascist gnome’.

  36. Mark Says:

    Joe Cambria is identical to the carpetbaggers in Haiti who are harvesting the vital organs of sick and dying people, and who are kidnapping children and selling them to Americans thus profiting from the bodies and lives of these 70% I.Q. level (sic) human beings who have endured yet another disaster whose effects were exacerbated by rich white countries’ exploitation and decimation of these Black peoples’ relatively healthy and viable economy.

  37. JC Says:


    Don’t get angry with me if Bird is suggesting you go and get that lard-arse of yours reduced in size by 50 kilos through fat suction.

    Don’t blame me.

  38. Mark Says:

    This JC character seems demented to know what his lust-object looks like. It’s killing him. But Birdie alone has that knowledge and that’s that.

  39. JC Says:

    Phil mark,

    What would kill me is if you sat on me. In fact it would kill anyone you lard butt.

  40. Mark Says:

    JC – dream on. The only thing that’s gonna sit on you is a flea-bitten dog or cat thinking you’re its Mama.

  41. JC Says:

    Dream- on? Nightmare is more like it Phil.

  42. graemebird Says:

    Where is this huge bum fantasy coming from Cambria? Another lie of yours I presume.

  43. JC Says:


    Why don’t you get back you dungeon you call a bog where you can post, or allow to be posted criminally scurrilous slander about people.

    I’ve kept each single one, copied to ensure they match exactly with the cache. Keep them going to your hearts content and we’ll see what your legal aid lawyer says when he tells you you’ll need to visit a bank to get a loan to pay those additional debts you owe.

    Think I’m kidding, right? Watch and see what happens, you degenerate.

  44. graemebird Says:

    Your the one posting lies Cambria. You cannot help yourself. I make some very guarded statements about national planning. And you cannot help but tell lies about it.

  45. JC Says:

    Lies? Bird you know absolutely nothing about economics or any subject you ever involve yourself in.

    The only thing you do is post or allow to be posted scurrilous degenerate filth suggesting it comes from people’s spouses.

    My legal advice is that not only are you liable civilly but you could find yourself behind bars for posting stuff like that, you disgusting low rent sack of shit.

    You know how you hate banks? You’re going to hate them even more after I’m through with you.

    Tell the judge about the lies, moron.

  46. BirdLab Says:

    Not to mention the death threats against the PM.

  47. BirdLab Says:

    Oh, and I forgot this gem:

    “A 21st century skeptic (as opposed to one of those brilliant 1970’s skeptics), calling himself a “critical rationalist” is like a WOMAN calling herself an OBJECTIVIST, when we know that all women are crazy, and no woman was ever objective-never could be.”

  48. JC Says:

    That’s the female side coming out of him, Birdlab. He’s a sensualist at heart.

  49. BirdLab Says:

    Looks like he’s embarrassed himself again:

    Honestly, he needs the psychological equivalent of a diaper wrapped around his head.

  50. JC Says:

    oh christ, not the citizenship thing again?

    One hopes some one there figures out who he is and throws him out on his huge arse.

  51. JC Says:

    My mistake… it’s reverse speech.

    I guessed the citizenship “issue” would be brought up, but it was of course reverse speech that made the first intro at the site.

  52. BirdLab Says:

    Joe, since the matter of narcicissm was raised over at Catallaxy, you might be interested in the diagnostic criteria:

    Narcicissm: A pervasive pattern of grandiosity (in fantasy or behavior), need for admiration, and lack of empathy, beginning by early adulthood and present in a variety of contexts, as indicated by five (or more) of the following:

    1) has a grandiose sense of self-importance (e.g., exaggerates achievements and talents, expects to be recognized as superior without commensurate achievements)

    2) is preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love

    3) believes that he or she is “special” and unique and can only be understood by, or should associate with, other special or high-status people (or institutions)

    4) requires excessive admiration

    5)has a sense of entitlement, i.e., unreasonable expectations of especially favorable treatment or automatic compliance with his or her expectations

    6) is interpersonally exploitative, i.e., takes advantage of others to achieve his or her own ends

    7)lacks empathy: is unwilling to recognize or identify with the feelings and needs of others

    8)is often envious of others or believes others are envious of him or her
    shows arrogant, haughty behaviors or attitudes

    Fucking hilarious. I’ll look up psychopath next.

  53. BirdLab Says:

    Oh dear:

  54. graemebird Says:

    I’ve reported the fakery:

    Graeme Bird said…
    The imposter is likely Adrien. But he’s off the hook if someone has managed to fake up my IP address as well.

    Your comment is being held for moderation and will be displayed once it has been approved by the site owner.

    February 2, 2010 at 10:57 AM
    Graeme Bird said…
    The above post that appears to be coming from me is actually an imposter. No doubt someone that knows my email address.

    Your comment is being held for moderation and will be displayed once it has been approved by the site owner.

    February 2, 2010 at 10:54 AM

  55. graemebird Says:

    “Lies? Bird you know absolutely nothing about economics or any subject you ever involve yourself in.”

    No you are full of shit you stupid primitive wop. You are the one that thinks that subsidising banks via stealing off the public is good economic policy. What a fucking moron you are. See you don’t understand anything. No matter how many times things are explained to you. You just cannot get it. Your mind is just to small to cram a medium sized concept into it.

    Remember when you reckoned you never cut spending during a recession. Ignorant. Irrational. A blockhead. A know-nothing.

    Whereas I had an economics degree at the age of 19. Typically getting in the first 5 in all the tests in all three years. Never stopped learning about it. And you would defer to me on economics right up until you became a lying welfare queen.

  56. graemebird Says:

    The idiot, probably Adrien, who made that fake comment, must have refused to take my position on reverse speech seriously. I said that David had come up with good evidence. That it was a serious theory. That I was unable to verify it without doing a lot of backwards taping myself and going and visiting him and seeing him at work.

    You dummies didn’t believe me. I’d never make that post except as a joke. Being primitive blockheads, you put your beliefs ahead of evidence and method. So you just cannot see, being thickheads, that I could recognise pretty good evidence, and leave my opinion in abeyance. Admit that I wasn’t in a position to know either way.

    See the fellow who made that fake post was a dummy. Even if I was drinking the hard hooch Sunday night, and I wasn’t, I’d never have made that post, since I don’t have a reverse-speech belief. I cannot verify it. So I have to simply leave it as an interesting possibility for the time being.

    But the present company of morons will never understand that. Nor will the fakeass wanker Adrien.

  57. BirdLab Says:

    “Whereas I had an economics degree at the age of 19. ”

    Where from? Bum Crack University?

  58. BirdLab Says:

    Graeme, see criteria 1 through 8 above.

  59. JC Says:


    Of course he has a narcissistic personality disorder. I’m now wondering if it also crosses over into sociopath behavioral tendencies.

    Hey Birdie,

    If I pay for a psychiatrist to have you examined and offer a diagnosis would you be up for it? I’m quite happy to pay for the difference between the medicare/ fee.

  60. JC Says:

    Oh dear:

    Has bird commented on the site?

  61. BirdLab Says:

    Looks like he fits all the criteria except the one that states a sociopath is “usually a person with an abundance of charm and wit.”

    Bird, of course, has an abundance of the exact opposite.

  62. JC Says:

    Yes, that’s true lab. However not everything is cut and dry in the world of sociopaths.

    I’m sure that having an abundance of the exact opposite of charm and wit could push him a little towards the narcissism side so he could be diagnosed as a sociopath with narcissistic tendencies.

    In any event it would be an interesting diagnosis and I would strongly encourage Bird to see about getting one and posting it on the web. All done free of course.

  63. graemebird Says:

    “Has bird commented on the site?”

    Yes I was beginning to wonder whether one of you blockheads pretending to be me had commented on this site as well.

  64. graemebird Says:

    “My mistake… it’s reverse speech.

    I guessed the citizenship “issue” would be brought up, but it was of course reverse speech that made the first intro at the site.”

    You stupid primitive wop. Not only are you an economics illiterate and a welfare queen. You actually believed that this was me commenting on that site. Not too bright are you.

  65. JC Says:

    bird, you degenerate sociopath (and liar), why would I have cause to disbelieve it’s you posting about reverse speech?

    You moronic loon, it’s not as though you haven’t posted about it before at your own site supportive of that “scientific theory”.

    So would I guess it wasn’t you seeing my expectations couldn’t be any lower?

    In fact I would would have every reason to believe it is you posting about Obama making references to Satan through reverse speech. You’ve done worse things in terms of conspiracy theories, lame brain.

    Seriously, why don’t you get off the fucking web and do the world a favor and seek medical expert opinion.

  66. BirdLab Says:

    “Seriously, why don’t you get off the fucking web and do the world a favor and seek medical expert opinion.”

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again JC, but Bird is living proof of one of the downsides of technology. If it wasn’t for the web he’d be filling volumes of exercise books with crazed scribblings, only to be discovered by forensics officers following reports of the appalling smell.

    As it is I’m pretty sure he wanders the streets having loud conversations with himself, interspersed with random swearing Tourette-style.

  67. Adrien Says:

    Either light speed is broken or it isn’t. And it is. All the time. All over the world.
    Graeme I’ll give you $10 000 if you can show me one example where something has gone faster than light. And if not would you please take care of Iran’s niclear threat by going there, fitting your Hugh Jass over the lot, denotating the thing and dying, like, as one.
    We promise to build a statue to you and erect in the Porpoise Spit town hall,

  68. JC Says:

    His ridiculousness travels at fast than light speed.

  69. graemebird Says:

    Hand the money over. I want my fucking money NOW. Its completely routine you fucking morons. All of you know it. Because we went over this on Catallaxy several times. So just handover the money you cunt. And Adrien. That was pretty lame pretending to be me at Menzies House. Notice that you are now banned.

    If you must pause before handing over the money you might put in superluminal and cesium in the google.

    If that doesn’t do it for you put Microwave, Mozart and superluminal in the google. A mozart tune has be coded into microwave and projected small way in the air much faster than the speed of light.

    Let me take some time out for this stupid fucking wop.

    Cambira fuck off. You are an idiot. If all matter is not joined, then for starters gravity travels much faster than light. So don’t be an idiot. You know nothing. You are a fucking dummy.

    Now also. Hackensam knows more about it than you two. And he admits that its been beaten. You are just a couple of real dummies.

    Adrien I’m still waiting for my parchment evidence from the last time you lied like a juvenile nitwit.

  70. graemebird Says:

    This is what Hakensam said:

    “I have read many physicists asserting similiar sentiments yet when, long ago, I tried to put these views forward on Catallaxy I was treated like a crank. That is one reason why I hold so many libertarians in contempt. Self proclaimed experts in everything from QM to the neural code.”

    Hackensam. If you can shame the money out of this asshole Adrien I will spilt it with you no problem. Thats 5000 dollars each. I don’t have the patience to argue with this fucking compulsive liar any more. I have proven this to him on many occasions. But you probably will have more luck. Because you won’t necessarily have that stupid wop Cambria on your case.

  71. JC Says:

    I tried to put these views forward on Catallaxy I was treated like a crank.


    That is one reason why I hold so many libertarians in contempt.


    Self proclaimed experts in everything from QM to the neural code.”

    You’re kidding right. The only idiot who thinks he’s an expert is you

  72. BirdLab Says:

    Tell him to get fucked Adrien.

  73. JC Says:

    Ye Bird. Take the bet or fuck off

  74. graemebird Says:

    You stupid moron Cambria. I was quoting John Hackensam. You ought to apologise to him and then go look in the mirror and say to yourself “Why am I such a stupid wop. Here is what else Hackensam said on this same thread. Scroll up and read if you don’t believe me:

    “……Nonetheless I am one of those who believes that c has been exceeded in a sufficient number of experimental designs to make the absolute claim of c obsolete.

    I have just finished reading a book by a Prof of Physics and he makes the following claims:

    Research physicists are increasingly abandoning the Copenhagen interpretation.

    There is sufficient evidence for c being exceeded….”

    Hacksensam knows that the light speed limit is beaten. He’s hedging. Since the fact is its ROUTINELY beaten, all over the world, in labs.

  75. graemebird Says:

    Its wasn’t a bet. He just owes me the money. I want him to pay up right now. He owes me ten thousand. If Hackensam successfully shames him into paying up, Hackensam gets 5000.

  76. THR Says:

    Since the fact is its ROUTINELY beaten, all over the world, in labs

    Wrong. That business with microwaves and Mozart is purely hypothetical. There are no labs ‘routinely’ producing superluminal phenomena, except in your over-excited imagination. And why don’t you get back to cleaning up that mess you left on the philosophy thread?

  77. graemebird Says:

    No its not hypothetical you twit. It was a successful breaking of C. Fucking hell you are a moron. You now have changed the meaning of “hypothetical”.

    Speaking of morons here is Cambria:

    “Barry Brook absolutely nails the debate;

    [audio src="" /]

    Worth a listen to.

    The answer to mitigation is simple. R&D to make energy that’s cheaper than than carbon based energy.”

    Cambria, you want to explain the logic of this shit-for brains? You just never quit with the idiocy do you?

  78. graemebird Says:

    “Experiments of the superluminal category, however, are radical and their positive outcome poses an immediate threat to the theory of Special Relativity.
    The following is a brief list of the crucial experiments:

    1. The Nimtz experiment:
    In this experiment, a famous symphony of Mozart is encoded in a microwave beam and transmitted to a receiver at 4.7 times the speed of light. It’s a decisive experimental refutation of the current attempts at redefining the speed limit of Relativity as the limiting speed of information rather than limiting speed of objects.

    2. The Ranfagni experiment:
    In this experiment, observed pulses of reflected microwaves are clocked at up to 1.25c in open air. Thus, the supposition that superluminal speeds of light are possible only inside artificial optical materials is experimentally falsified. Light indeed can travel at superluminal speeds in open air, and by simple inference, in vacuum as well.

    3. The Wang experiment:
    In this experiment, a laser pulse travels through gas-filled cells at a record superluminal speed of 310c.

    4. The Stenner experiment:
    In this experiment, a refractive index of –19 ± 0.8 is inferred. It’s designed to investigate the so-called velocity of information. A critical analysis of the Stenner experiment will be given later in this discussion.

    5. The Munday experiment:
    In this experiment, superluminal speeds of light are achieved for the first time inside fibre optics.

    6. The Thévenaz experiment:
    In this experiment, superluminal and subluminal speeds of light are achieved inside fibre optics.”

    Absolutely routine. And I want my money.

  79. THR Says:

    Absolutely routine. And I want my money.

    There’s a sale on deep-fryers?

  80. graemebird Says:

    Beating light-speed is absolutely routine in the lab. These are not hypothetical experiments as you moronically claim. You suck a stupid cunt mate. It now appears you are attempting three filibusters at once. You’ve been proved wrong on this thread, and baseless on the other.

  81. graemebird Says:

    You are SUCH a stupid cunt mate is what I meant to say. Every thread for you is a filibuster.

  82. graemebird Says:

    OK Adrien. Where is my money?

  83. JC Says:


    You crankery is the only thing that moves faster than the speed of light.

    Now get back to your blog and leave innocent people alone as they really don’t want to hear from you all the time spouting anti-science, web based crap on their site.

    Bird, in future you will be considered the equivalent of pollution over the web and fined for the crap you leave everywhere. Go away.

  84. graemebird Says:

    Shut up Cambria you idiot. Or if you are going to keep typing…

    1. Admit you were wrong.

    2. Convince Adrien to make good with his offer or alternatively admit his rashness and pay me a lesser, but still substantial amount.

    You have been proven wrong you fucking moron.

    Simple as that.

    Speaking of fucking morons how about Jarrah-fatfingers’ form?

    Typing away like a crazy-man Jarrah speaks of Lord Monkton thusly:

    “Given his extraordinarily small estimate of climate sensitivity, his maths might work out. Then again, given his previous errors, it might not. Regardless, there’s almost no reason to take anything he says seriously at all. He’s a bit like our old Walkley winner Michael. Remember him?”

    Jarrah is a fucking moron. Listen to this know-nothing toad go on. He thinks if Lambert and Realclimate say that Monkton made a mistake that means Monkton made a mistake. Well I guess he probably did make some mistakes. But here is this absolute fucking moron, Jarrah, on the one hand pretending to be libertarian, and on the other hand trusting idiots and frauds like a three days child.

  85. graemebird Says:

    Ok Adrien. Where is my money?

    You are a stupid wog Cambria. Yes you are. Yes you are. Thats right. All your success is based on bailout and subsidy. Yes it is. You always were a stupid wog. And you are always going to be a stupid wog. Yes thats right.

    But how could you have got even THIS story wrong?

    You are such a fucking moron mate. People must be actually paying you to be this fucking dumb.

    What a fucking loathsome toad that you are. Tell me something? Did you block me from my own blog in the last 24 hours? I be it was you you subsidised blockhead.

  86. graemebird Says:

    Well there is no straight denial.

    I guess it must have been Cambria and or associates, that blocked me from my own blog. I’ll just assume so until the dumb woppy comes up with a specifically and unambiguously worded denial.

  87. graemebird Says:

    Its not clear by your typing Cambria, whether or not you are actually CONTESTING (based on your awesome understanding of physics) the absolutely prosaic fact that there is no light-speed limit and that c has been beaten many times and repeatedly.

  88. graemebird Says:

    Fucking stupid wog?

    You tell the stupid wog a fact and he cannot absorb it. Too fucking dumb. What do I need to do woppy? Beat it into you?

  89. graemebird Says:

    Where is my money Adrien. I’ll accept that you were being rash. But a solid payment, a chunk above the “token” level will probably do it.

  90. graemebird Says:

    Lets have that money Adrien.

    Your sudden absence if pretty conspicuous. Must mean you no longer trust the dumb wop that you can bluff it through.

  91. BirdLab Says:

    Stick it up your dopey flyblown backside you ridiculous cuzziebro-dago. You’re so dumb you make a box of paperclips look like a super-intelligent master-race.

    I’m sure Adrien has better things to do with his time than debate with a mental slug. Unlike you, he probably has an actual real job.

  92. graemebird Says:

    He shouldn’t debate with me. Adrien has my money. I want it now.

  93. graemebird Says:

    Face it people. Adrien is a fucking thief. He’s got my money. And he’s with-holding it from me as we speak.

  94. BirdLab Says:

    Graeme, try killing yourself.

  95. graemebird Says:

    No this fellow is with-holding my cash from me. So I’ll try killing him first and I may wind up 10 000 dollars richer.

  96. graemebird Says:

    We always thought Birdlab was Cambria. But could he be Adrien instead? Relaying a stack of messages through Singapore?

  97. THR Says:

    I guess it must have been Cambria and or associates, that blocked me from my own blog.

    It could have been the black helicopters of the Chinese communists, worried about your threats to Rudd, your knowledge of Explodia, and your sane and sensible grasp of economics.

  98. JC Says:


    No I haven’t blocked you from your own blog. But I find it funny all the same.

    Go away.

  99. graemebird Says:

    Cambria you are not contributing. You are just watering down the blog with your low IQ act. I might have to talk to Mrs Joseph Cambria about this. You are a menace.

  100. BirdLab Says:

    “You are just watering down the blog with your low IQ act.”

    No Graeme. That would be you.

    Evidence of photons:

  101. Tinos Says:

    Lab: I think that’s evidence for electron waves. Our last debate on photons didn’t go too well.

  102. BirdLab Says:

    Thank you Tinos.

    You absolutely humiliated him in that debate.

  103. graemebird Says:

    YOU didn’t go too well Tinos. The debate went fine on my side of it. I’m not going to debate you on that side of things because the electrons as waves isn’t a bad theory. The photons that are both waves and particles, and the particles moving long distances, in contradiction of wave behaviour, at the speed of light ….. thats the idea that was going nowhere.

  104. graemebird Says:

    Don’t hide behind the link Birdlab. If you think you have evidence for photons, as opposed to lights medium as particles, you explain it in your own words.

  105. graemebird Says:

    You idiot Bridlab. There isn’t evidence for photons in your link. There is alleged evidence that alleged particles have wave characteristics. Thats something quite different.

  106. graemebird Says:

    The problem with your bloodymindedness on that thread Tinos, was that it detracted from the stupidity of the fanciful physics model that Jason quite rightly highlighted. Its like you were running interference for the dumb physicists. Neither you nor Edney saw anything silly about it.

  107. graemebird Says:

    “Birdie I think they are the best firm in the world at the present time…. by far.” Here the idiot Joseph Cambria is speaking of wealth destroyers Goldman Sachs.

    Define “best” Cambria you drooling retard. I think Apple computer is the best company in the world. But if you think “best” means best welfare queen, parasite, organised crime cartel and so forth, well you have a point.

    Here we see the importance of basic philosophy. The stupid wop has no idea when he writes a sentence what he himself is talking about. Truly Cambria is a very stupid person.

  108. THR Says:

    That thread is hilarious. Tinos summed it up best when he said:

    Our careers, AGW and monetary policy are all irrelevant to the existence of photons

    No you are lying

  109. THR Says:

    Surely there’s some connection here. A deranged man throws a bomb into a bank. What’s his name?

  110. graemebird Says:

    Paul Kersey? The Scarlet Pimpernell, Josey son of Mr Wales? Zorro the fox so cunning and free? Was it some reincarnation of the Black Prince, now a traitor to his class, but no less effective in kickass? Was it the Dark Knight, the Green Knight, Gawain? Lancelot, the Return of Arthur? Tonto’s partner? Hadji Murad?

    People are stealing off us, its not OK, and its got to stop.

    Was it this fellow?

  111. Graeme Bird Says:

    Personally I think that V is inspired by John Galt to some extent.

  112. Graeme Bird Says:

    How is this SOON? I scan my brain looking for the actor who played V. And I couldn’t get it? What has he been up to? You know my ongoing theme how the culture has hit a point where the stupid is upwardly mobile?

    Supposing you could make a movie, for tens of millions of dollars, and you were so stupid as not to consider carefully the possibility of Hugo Weaving being in that movie? Stupid people everywhere. Speaking of stupid people here is Joseph Cambria, in drag talking about supporting the greatest act of theft in all of history. An apology is never too late.

  113. JC Says:

    Hey Lardulous. Was that you in Darwin?

  114. JC Says:

    A headline that would definitely send Lardulous into a rage frenzy.

    Goldman Sachs’s Blankfein Receives $9 Million Bonus for 2009

  115. graemebird Says:

    Well obviously he ought to be unemployed or in jail. This is all stolen money. You are happy about it because you are human trash and a parasite.

  116. graemebird Says:

    What do the rest of you think about this dumb wop? He’s actually happy that these thieves and parasites are still employed. These are the parasite Joseph Cambria’s homeboys. His crowd, proven failures, are now in Queensland advising the Premier to make the rail system a protected monopoly for cronies. Merrill Lynch. Proven bankrupts and failures, actually getting away with selling their advice. People ought to run a mile from their advice since they are proven losers.

  117. graemebird Says:

    I suppose you have a lot of low-lifes out there that look up to people like Dutch Schulz, Lucky Luciano, Frank Nitti or other lowlifes. Blancfein and the others are more slimy than this crowd by a long shot. Their crimes are on a larger scale also. What next Cambria. You have already shown you are in favour of rampant profiteering through commandeering the central bank and treasury? How about murdering people for their organs? Surely if you approve of stealing their money and their livelihood, and turning it into bonuses for bigshots, you would also be secretly in favour of taking that theft one step further?. As long as it was theft off the little people in aid of bigshots right?

  118. graemebird Says:


    ALL Australian homes will soon have to undergo a mandatory energy-efficiency assessment costing up to $1500 per property.


    Good . Bring it on.

    SO I SEZ:

    Great. Another 1500 dollars cost to new housing. Greater restrictions to the production of housing and more costs for everyone. What is the logic of this dopey? You cannot inspect energy efficiency into a house. Its got to be designed in. And obviously it is to the new owners benefit that he chooses his design carefully on many grounds.

  119. JC Says:


    The bring it on comment was a suggesting that they should in order to “assist” them get the bullet in the next election.

    Lord you’re thick

  120. JC Says:


    go away.

  121. graemebird Says:

    Fantastic. You want them to do all this damage, much of which the coalition may not undo.

  122. graemebird Says:

    How am I meant to untangle your stupidity. When in the same breath you are going along with Barry Brook wanting all this funding for research. Another leftist scheme for a problem that does not exist.

  123. BirdLab Says:

    Graeme, have you ever stopped for a moment to consider why everybody considers you to be an unhinged lunatic?

  124. JC Says:


    What I would like to see is you undoing all the damage you’ve caused on the web across all continents. I wouldn’t be worrying about anything else at the moment if I were you.

  125. graemebird Says:

    What I would like to see is you retract every last piece of idiocy you’ve laid claim to over the years. You could start with your idiotic insistence that cutting government spending in a recession is not OK. In reality outside of your stupid tiny uncomprehending mind a recession must be approached with deep spending cuts.

    Why do we put up with Keynesian stupidity? I’m so sick of it. We have total morons like Cambria claiming that there is a Keynesian multiplier, when the doctrine is just straight irrationality. We have Sinclair and Soon claiming that the financial collapse had nothing to do with fractional reserve. Sinclair ought to resign over that stupidity. Given that he’s in a teaching institution. I asked Brad Delong to resign today. The fellow is a committed irrationalist without peer:

    Graeme Bird said…
    Christ you are a moron delong:

    “This paper uses Taylor’s model of overlapping contracts to show that increased wage and price flexibility can easily be destabilizing.”

    Flexibility is destabilizing? Right. Resign you twit. Anyone who doesn’t realize that its fractional reserve that causes instability was not cut out to be an economist.


  126. graemebird Says:

    For the stupid wops next trick he’s on Catallaxy arguing with Labour Outsider, under the assumption that CO2 levels need reducing.

    While the scientific evidence tells us we would be better of with higher CO2 levels. But oh no. Stupid wop knows better. So here he is doing his best to reinforce the irrational view that CO2 levels need reducing.

    Lets have that evidence you moron.

  127. graemebird Says:

    No-one intelligent thinks that Cambria/Birdlab. Only stalkers and compulsive liars like yourself.

    I’ve got a higher IQ than most anyone else and I’m fundamentally a truthful person. In the current culture thats going to cause the stupid and the dishonest a lot of mental stress.

  128. graemebird Says:

    Here are the thieves who the lowlife Joseph Cambria looks up to. “Is anyone NOT from Goldman Sachs?”

  129. BirdLab Says:

    “I’ve got a higher IQ than most anyone else and I’m fundamentally a truthful person. ”

    You are lying.

  130. graemebird Says:

    No you are.

  131. BirdLab Says:

    Graeme, you have the intelligence of a cumquat, you ill-educated oaf. Ask yourself again why everybody thinks you’re certifiable, you cuzziebro lowlife.

  132. graemebird Says:

    No I’m extremely smart. And I’ve always been right in my arguments with you Birdlab/Cambria. Except for your oil forecast.

    Third parties note. The idiot Cambria got an oil forecast broadly right even though he didn’t predict the financial collapse which was the direct cause of the strength of the drop in oil prices. So even when he’s right he’s still an idiot.

  133. JC Says:


    Why am I being abused. I’m not birdlab, you ignorant Lardulous. I’ve told you this before and for some reason you don’t seem to be believe despite me telling you that you can assume everything Birdlab says about you i agree with 110%. But I’m not him.

    As for the prediction…. You avoided telling everyone that you were the one making stupid predictions that oil was going to 200 buck and then came a cropper. All I did was point out the stupidity of your prediction. That’s all.

    Bird you are not smart. Nothing you have ever said about the subjects you talk about indicates you’re smart. In fact it’s quite the opposite. You’re a loud mouth, uncouth redneck with next to no smarts.

  134. Steve Says:

    JC is BirdLab. There is no one else as stupid and as angry as he from Catalepsy.

  135. JC Says:

    Oh no Phi’s found the site.

    Hey Phil, are you back from the fat farm? Bird reckons you are away for a few weeks at some fatty spa. How did you go?

  136. Steve Says:

    Yep JC is BirdLab. Heart attack territory lol.

  137. JC Says:


    Stop it with the delusional swill.I’m not Birdlab.

    Hey, you do know that you have to exercise after the fat farm, right? You’re not staying like that if you remain immobile.

  138. BirdLab Says:

    Wrong again Phil.

    “No I’m extremely smart.”

    Which is why he keeps telling us how well he did at Bumcrack U when he was 19 years old. I doubt the veracity of the claim, but how sad and pathetic that the high point of his life was reached some 30 years ago.

    “No I’m extremely smart.”

    – Explodia
    – Pyramids on the moon
    – Alien experimentation on humans
    – Russian involvement in 9/11
    – Tubes on Mars
    – Gamma-ray earthquakes

    To name but a few. Graeme, you’re as dumb as a sack of rocks.

    And JC ain’t me. Back to shelf-stacking you ridiculous goon. Chop-chop!

  139. graemebird Says:

    Gamma rays are light you moron. They cannot cause earthquakes any more than your torch. I don’t know anything about alien experimentation on humans. However its one possible worthy paradigm to have alongside other theories of evolution. Since there are some unexplainable leaps in this story. Particularly about 200 000 years ago. The tubes on mars are for all to see. You must be blind. They are an authentic mystery. But we will need something similar if we set up a base on the moon in a commercial setting. Russian involvement in 9/11 is a potential idea since no-one has yet explained the molten iron in all three basements. I don’t know about pyramids on the moon. But there are some pictures that look suspicious in that regard. Explodia is the idea of an exploded planet. Which is likely. Since we have an asteriod belt and we got hit with two huge asteroids 65 million years ago.

    I must conclude that you are indeed Cambria/Birdlab. Because only he would be stupid enough to put up an alleged indictment and find no reason why any of these ideas ought not be part of the alternatives to things we truly don’t know the answer to. You share the same pronounced idiocy.

    Except for the idea of a gamma-ray earthquake. By Christ you are a moron Cambria/Birdlab. A gamma-ray is just high-frequency light you tool.

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