Low IQ kills?

Continuing the recent purely coincidental series of posts on morbidity, via Steve Sailer, we find that low intelligence is a top health risk:

Research by Britain’s Medical Research Council (MRC) found that lower intelligence quotient (IQ) scores were associated with higher rates of heart disease and death, and were more important indicators than any other risk factors except smoking …

The MRC study, which analysed data from 1,145 men and women aged around 55 and followed up for 20 years, rated the top five heart disease risk factors as cigarette smoking, IQ, low income, high blood pressure, and low physical activity.

The researchers, led by David Batty of the MRC and Social and Public Health Science Unit in Glasgow, Scotland, said there were “a number of plausible mechanisms” which might explain why lower IQ scores could raise the risk of heart disease — in particular a person’s approach to “healthy behaviour.”

Those who ignored or failed to understand advice about the risks of smoking or benefits of good diet and exercise for heart health would be more likely to be at higher risk, they wrote in a study in the European Journal of Cardiovascular Prevention


38 Responses to “Low IQ kills?”

  1. graemebird Says:

    Risky alright. They promote them up to the top. And the air is PRETTY thin-up-there. For these cretins to be flying so high. Obviously thats a health risk right there.

  2. graemebird Says:

    Ken Lewis. There is a real dummy. And he got paid 25 million last year. A total dropkick. He could die early from low IQ. Given the stress he’s now put himself under.

  3. Peter Patton Says:

    I’m not one of these people who believe that all IQ tests tell us is jow good a person is at performing on that particular IQ test on that particular day. But I am skeptical that IQ is constant across a person’s life. Does anybody have a link to any relevant research?

  4. graemebird Says:

    “But POTUS!? Phuhleez!”

    Patton what’s all this about. This reminds me of when all these loony-toons at Catallaxy systematically ran down the best candidates at every stage and then the dropkicks ended up supporting Obama.

    Palin is an extremely impressive candidate. Very smart. Where are you getting your information from? Katie Couric?

  5. BirdLab Says:

    “Low IQ kills?”

    Well, as the Birded one is apparently still with us, I gather not.

  6. graemebird Says:

    You are an idiot Birdlab. Or should I say Nabakov? The lonely lonely man? The lonely lonely Nabakov?

  7. BirdLab Says:

    Not Nabs. Sorry.

  8. Jc Says:


    what have you done with your blog. You put it on hiatus for a while? Thanks.

    The entertainment value alone always made it a worthwhile read.

  9. BirdLab Says:

    I don’t think spewing out that constant stream of rubbish out was doing anything for his menatl health JC.

  10. Jc Says:

    Who cares about his mental health, lab? I’m more concerned about my entertainment. In any event he’s beyond repair in terms of his mental condition.

    Mediocs would refer to it as ” a fragile condition”.

  11. BirdLab Says:

    You make a fair point JC. A very fair point indeed. But not all is lost. See his reponse to Newsweek’s list of debunked conspiracy theories:


    And the response:


    Is “Stark Raving Bonkers” an acceptable medical term?

  12. graemebird Says:

    You see you guys are just light-weights. But its more annoying with Cambria, because for example his posts have recently been reasonable. Or some of them. And yet for month after month we had this endless stupidity. Yet before that again, he seemed a reasonable person.

    So its willful. Its a moral failure.

    There isn’t anything I haven’t been right about, when all is said and done. The broad thrust of most of my concerns has come to pass.

    The basketball story you told Cambria ? Where were Obama’s girlfriends?

    All these conservatives supporting Obama? Were they right or was I?

    People finally coming around to recognizing Kevin Rudd for the know-nothing, shallow idiot that he is. They could have read me on Catallaxy years ago talking about him in this way.

  13. graemebird Says:

    Reisman, Shostak, Buchanan …. All these guys would back me on interim monetary policy. So Cambria you were always full of shit. Lying to people that I didn’t know what I was talking about. Even SOON now recognizes that these guys are essentially saying what I’m saying.

    Month after month you lied to people and claimed I didn’t know what I was talking about. But its clearly as much a moral failure as mental failure on your part.

  14. BirdLab Says:

    “There isn’t anything I haven’t been right about”

    This needs fixing:

    “There is nothing I have been right about”

    That’s better.

  15. graemebird Says:

    Thats a confession. Aside from an oil price prediction, that would have needed recession to be avoided (admittedly unrealistic, since the oil price itself would have brought on the recession) you cannot find anything. Your confession comes with not being able to come up with a specific example.

  16. graemebird Says:

    That would have needed NO recession to have been realistic. Thats what I meant.

  17. BirdLab Says:

    “…you cannot find anything.”

    That supernovas cause earthquakes and volcanic eruptions for starters.

    And let’s not forget alien experimentation on humans.

    Dopey cunt.

  18. BirdLab Says:

    Graeme, if you’re having prostate problems maybe you should try this:


    It might also help with your thinking processes.

  19. BirdLab Says:

    Graeme, if you’re having prostate problems maybe you should try this:


    It might also help with your thinking processes.

  20. graemebird Says:

    Right. Thanks for your information you retard.

  21. BirdLab Says:

    Shut it Bird, otherwise you’ll get a Recto Rotor up you.

    In place of the present toy rocketship, I mean.

  22. jc Says:

    “The basketball story you told Cambria ? Where were Obama’s girlfriends?”

    Ladulous, how the hell do I know where his girlfriends are? I was busy reading the story about his attitude to the basketball story, not exactly worrying about his girlfriends, you dope.

  23. graemebird Says:

    What you mean by that you blockhead.

    Obviously he didn’t have any you primitive, low IQ, cognitive failure.

    He’s a homosexual. Thats not the only possible explanation. Just the best one.

  24. THR Says:

    Birdy, there’s no evidence that Obama is homosexual. None whatsoever. What questions are you asking yourself when you end up with ‘Obama is a homosexual’ as the answer?

  25. BirdLab Says:

    And more to the point THR, what does it matter?

    If you’re reading this Uncle Charlie, I love the avatar.

  26. graemebird Says:

    Yes there is THR you dolt. Remember. You are a complete fuckwit who doesn’t know what evidence is. Someone testifying before the national press club that he is a homo is evidence you dummy.

    As is the fact that you cannot find even one old girlfriend of his.

  27. jc Says:


    Who are you calling primitive you primitive? We have no idea who his girlfriends were and frankly if he was bonking blokes in his youth, me and lots of other people don’t really give a shit like you seem to, you militant heterosexual goose.

    I reported on a basket ball story when he was a kid. Shoot me for not even thinking about if he had girlfriends at the time. I committed a crime?

    Look you fat, bald little turd, bonking blokes these days isn’t a crime. No one gives a shit except foul mouthed, red neck imbeciles like you.

  28. jc Says:

    Someone testifying before the national press club that he is a homo is evidence you dummy.

    Out of curiosity, when did he do that, bird, you nincompoop. Here’s a bet he didn’t. How much?

    You nimbus.

  29. THR Says:

    Okay, Turkey. Where’s this testimony? Show us the You Tube footage of Obama breaking out the leotards and telling the world he is gay.

    Show us the evidence or admit that you are lying, cretin.

  30. THR Says:

    And Turkey, it’s not that I don’t know what evidence is. The problem here is that you don’t know what sexuality is. You believe, and have repeatedly asserted, that it’s a by-product of the fractional reserve system of banking that’s existed for the past few centuries. You’re an epistemological black hole, so don’t think you can lecture others on the nature of evidence.

    Now, admit that you are lying.

  31. graemebird Says:

    The testimony is from Larry Sinclair. There is no testimony to do with him being straight prior to Michelle.

    So he’s gay to a very high level of confidence. Good-looking well built basketballers do not have trouble pulling the chicks.

    Thats the evidence for the proposition. Where is your evidence against?

    Its a pretty open and shut case. Three gay men from his church would hardly have been murdered in such quick succession were this not the case.

  32. jc Says:


    I’ll let you judge if he’s good looking, but good basketball player he wasn’t. According to that thread I read he was atrocious at it. So that evidence is knocked out of the ball park.

    Who are these three gay’ed men he had murdered?

    Larry Sinclair sounds as credible as you do when talking about monetary economics. Go away.

  33. THR Says:

    The testimony is from Larry Sinclair. There is no testimony to do with him being straight prior to Michelle.

    No. Be specific, you clown. Show us the exact testimony. And please, try to accept some basic logic. Any lack of testimony about girlfriends would not automatically mean that Obama is gay, or even that you have a ‘high level of confidence’. However, your stupid levels are up to 99% on this one, and your insane paranoia has hit omega levels of eleventy.

    Now show us the evidence, or retract, and admit your serial dishonesty.

  34. BirdLab Says:

    I’ll fill you in THR. Larry Sinclair is a known drug-addict, criminal and lunatic. Bird’s reference to him giving “testimony before that National Press Club” (Yes, and WTF? The NPC is now the Supreme Court?) is simply another example of Loopy Lardarse Logic.

    What happened was that Sinclair merely rented out a room at the NPC:


    In short, he gave a press-conference and nobody came.

  35. jc Says:


    Let birdlab and I back on the site. I promise I will treat phil very nicely and agree with every nut-ball thing you say.

    This moderation/banning bullshit is beyond what any normal person can endure. It’s inhumane Bird.

  36. graemebird Says:

    If you were interested the eyewitness testimony is that the national press club.

    Just go straight there. Proof that the’s a homo.

  37. Steve Edney Says:

    Larry sinclair has no wikipedia page as Obama’s henchmen ordered it deleted aparrently to try and keep the information quiet.

    Convergent evidence.

  38. graemebird Says:

    “Let birdlab and I back on the site. I promise I will treat phil very nicely and agree with every nut-ball thing you say.”

    You wouldn’t treat Phil nicely. You’ve always been a pig to her. And where I’m concerned its not the insults that really piss me off. Its the persistent dishonesty and attempts to distort what I’m saying. Plus you are an evasive and stupid wop. You never accounted for your CO2 bedwetting or your support of bank socialism. There are more than one type of bailout you know. You didn’t have to support a type of bailout so antithetical to law, order and liberty.

    A reasonable bailout would have been to send truckloads of cash around at very high interest rates and let them sink or swim but with a lot of cash in the system. That would have been reasonably in line with the non-banking public interest.

    What is repulsive about you Cambria, is you are incredibly happy with a situation wherein there is one rule for one crowd and another rule for everyone else. But capitalism is a system where the rules are the same for everyone. What this does is make you and open supporter of corporate fascism. And a traitor to and a distorter or authentic human liberty.

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