Music, Plato and Roger Scruton

This is a very thought provoking piece by Roger Scruton on what he thinks are the possible psychological and social effects of various forms of music. It’s illustrated with appropriate YouTubes. I don’t agree even a bit with its implied conclusions but Scruton sure knows and loves his music.

3 Responses to “Music, Plato and Roger Scruton”

  1. TimT Says:

    The link doesn’t seem to work but I blame it on this stupid computer. Did you see this interesting but disturbing story about modern uses of classical music/art by Brendan O’Neill?
    It’s of particular concern to me as I grew up surrounded by classical music, and studied it at a fairly high level.

  2. John H. Says:

    Jason, for an different and interesting take on music you might be interested in:

  3. skepticlawyer Says:

    Via that piece I found another Scruton piece on Jane Jacobs and the horrors brought about by zoning laws, which was very illuminating indeed, so thanks.

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